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We need your help!

Our official role is A/G U.S. Missionary Chaplains to Foster Care.  

This means that this ministry is 100% funded by donations! 

Your generous gifts allow us to devote full-time work to:

  • Developing mentoring programs for youth aging out of the foster care system

  • Equipping churches throughout the United States (with a concentration on Wisconsin/Northern Michigan) to build up foster care ministries in their community

  • Building up relationships and creating connections between local foster agencies/counties and the churches in their communities

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All gifts are tax deductible!

We are also in need of people who will commit to supporting this ministry on a monthly basis.  If you would like help us out monthly, please checkmark "Make this a recurring monthly gift" when donating!

Thank you!

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We are funded purely on donations.  Please click below to donate to Bridges of Hope via our A/G Missions Account.  All gifts are tax-deductible!

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