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Our Story

We started our journey with foster care in 2006.  After years of not being able to have children of our own, we kept hearing God prompt us with a question.

What are you going to do with the extra bedrooms in your house?

That question led to our beautiful journey of God putting our family together!  We became licensed foster parents shortly after and received our first placement - a sibling group of four kids.  Months later, we were able to adopt three of those kids!  God knit our family together in the most precious way with MANY miracles along the way.

Our kids are all adults now and our family has grown...with all three of them now being married!  Foster care is very near and dear to our hearts because of our family's journey. 

In 2022 we found ourselves stepping down from pastoring for over 24 years.  God impressed on our hearts the great need for foster care ministry and led us in the direction of becoming Chaplains to foster care.  Our heartbeat is in two main help the youth aging out of the system and to engage the church to realize how they can DO SOMETHING in foster care ministry!

We can't do it all...but everyone can do something!


Meet our Team!

Please feel free to contact us if you'd like to meet with us or schedule us to speak at your church or business!

With over 24 years of pastoring experience, Kirk has now moved into the role as Chaplain to Foster Care.  He oversees all of the church and pastoral connections.

He is an avid frisbee-golfer, loves to ride his bike, and is a life-long Minnesota Vikings fan!

Fun fact - Kirk loves to watch documentaries on Bigfoot!

Sandi comes with a background in technology and heads up the social media, web presence, and communications.  She is also a Chaplain to Foster Care.

Her hobbies include writing, baking, and spending time with family.

Fun fact - Sandi plays three musical instruments (piano, flute, and guitar).

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"The Brown's Great Adventure"

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We are funded purely on donations.  Please click below to donate to Bridges of Hope via our A/G Missions Account.  All gifts are tax-deductible!

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