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Bridges of Hope
The Story Behind the Name


How it 

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Before we even knew we were resigning as pastors, Sandi was driving one day to a school for work.  As she was driving, she suddenly felt God flooding her with so many ideas about foster care ministry that she had to stop on the side of the road.  She found a notebook and pen in her car and started writing.  Four pages later she was amazed to see an entire framework of a plan for helping youth aging out of the system.  This was the catalyst that ignited the fire for this ministry!

Looking back at the notebook months later, the very first thing written on the page was BRIDGES OF HOPE.  

A perfect name.  We are helping youth bridge the gap between the traumatic teen years and being successful adults.  And we are helping bridge the gap between foster families and agencies and those who can help them out!

Our mission

Teenagers in Nature

Based in Madison, WI, Bridges of Hope has a goal to impact families across our entire state of Wisconsin and beyond!  The focus of Bridges of Hope has two main pieces.

Helping youth who age out of the foster care system

Our goal is to help build a bridge of hope for these youth.  There are so many challenges facing young adults today.  And how difficult is it when you don't have a family support system around you? 


We will be helping youth with tangible items they need and also providing them with mentors and help to bridge the gap between their teen years and adulthood.

Equipping churches to get involved in foster care ministry

Everyone can do something.  Churches have a unique opportunity right in their own backyard to help those in the foster care community. 


We will be providing churches with help and resources to equip them to be successful in this type of ministry.  We will also be there to bridge the gap between the foster agencies and the church.

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We are funded purely on donations.  Please click below to donate to Bridges of Hope via our A/G Missions Account.  All gifts are tax-deductible!

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