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23,000 teens age out of foster care each year in the U.S.

Recycled Paper


It's your 18th birthday.

But instead of a celebration, you are asked to leave your foster home.

Because you are now an adult.

With the weight of the world on your shoulders.

Rent.  Job.  Cooking.  Grocery Shopping.  Budgeting.  School.


And you don't have a healthy family to help you navigate through all of this.


We want to help change the statistics.

  • 50% of teens who age out will become homeless in 2 years, with many of them becoming instantly homeless

  • 50% will not have a job in 4 years

  • 50% will develop a substance abuse

  • 60% will end up in the sex industry

  • 60% of boys who age out will end up convicted of a crime

  • 70% of girls who age out will become pregnant before age 21, with many of their children ending up in foster care


A great way to start helping youth who age out is to provide the resources they need.  They will instantly need help with things like furniture, household items, toiletries, etc.

Contact us for help to find out what is needed in your own community!  We will bridge the gap between churches, businesses, or individuals and the foster agencies who know what is needed!


We are in the process of developing a mentoring program that we will be introducing to various counties across Wisconsin.  We are hoping to launch this program in several locations by Fall of 2024.  Please check back on this website or our social media pages for upcoming details!

If your church is interested in hosting one of these programs OR becoming involved, please contact us.

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We are funded purely on donations.  Please click below to donate to Bridges of Hope via our A/G Missions Account.  All gifts are tax-deductible!

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